custom djembe drum

custom djembe drum is ordering djembe drums according to consumer demand. our djembe sawokeling shop tries to help and serve your needs to get a custom djembe drum according to your request.

Why is the custom djembe drum in demand by fans of the jimbe drums? Djembe drum fans usually have various types of choices and the choice of jimbe drums to choose from is according to the tastes and interests that are liked by djembe drum fans. our djembe shop already has several designs that are trendy and in demand by the market. for example, the trend every month has a difference and changes. There are times when the favorite jimbe drum is a size for children or a small size between a souvenir djembe and a djembe drum with a size of 40 cm or for elementary or junior high school children. Sometimes the trend also changes. The favorite jimbe drums are the jimbe drums played by adults.

The comparison of the jimbe for children and the jimbe for adults actually lies in the weight and size. but if the position of the jimbe drum is not lifted, everyone can play it even though it is in a sitting position (the jimbe drum position is not lifted) everyone can play it. for lifting, the djembe drums are small and light in size and there are also djembe drums with medium or middle size. and there are also jimbe drums with sizes for adults or for professional jimbe drummers.

based on these categories people have different tastes from one person to another. departing from this we provide alternative djembe choices according to consumer tastes or custom djembe drums that can be selected and designed according to the desires of consumers. Design choices can be categorized in the following ways, including:

djembe body shape: body shape there is a standard model, there is a box model or there are other forms of models according to customer orders
color finishing options: color finishing options are usually also the taste of consumers want wood colors or custom colors according to consumer demand
type of carving, there are simple carvings and embossed carvings which are designs according to consumer demand
types of laces, there are types of shoelaces, alpin ropes and nylon taly. and the color is determined according to consumer demand and of course the availability of the rope
type of membrane, the selected membrane can use goat skin, or cowhide or mica membrane according to request

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