Work From Home With Djembe

Are you a WFH or work from home or more often you work at home because of the impact of the pandemic. Yes, until now we are still advised to always do WFH or work from inside the home because the impact of the corona virus pandemic has yet to end. With the proliferation of WFH, we are encouraged and expected to be maximal and productive at home and of course the value of productivity is not inferior when we work in the office.

What are the things we do to fill work from home (WFH) activities so that we can be more productive and of course there are many things that we produce from the work we do. one of which is that we are still standing and completing work related to office affairs. with office affairs we still complete, of course we are still worthy and trusted by our office and we are still paid.

Besides working optimally from our office work, we are also expected to have other activities which of course can lead us to positive activities and of course can make us happy and of course increase our immunity so that we can be healthy and avoid viruses.

one of the things we can do is exercise. Of course, this sport has a wide variety of variations, some are physical as normal sports and there are also sports that we combine with artistic activities. One thing we can do to fill work from home (WFH) activities is to play the djembe drum. By playing the djembe drum, we will carry out sports activities, namely by maximizing the movement of our hands to beat the djembe drum and of course there is a feeling of pleasure so that it can increase our immunity and immunity.

we can play the djembe drum game with our families, be it children, wives, or parents. so that when we play together it will generate new enthusiasm so that feelings of pleasure will arise from not closing the possibility of bringing up collective immunity so that we can avoid the corona virus.

to play the djembe drums of our family members, whether they can play it or not. Basically playing the djembe drum is everyone can do it and no special skills are needed to play it. You can listen and learn via YouTube so you can add to your game references. In the following, we show an example of the djembe drum game played by elementary school children.

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