indonesia djembe exporter company sicash makmor

indonesia djembe exporter company sicash makmor

Carving & Packing On Container

We from CV Sicash Makmor are a company that makes djembe drums or wooden musical instruments. We also produce a variety of unique and creative wood crafts ranging from large to small sizes. We are experienced in both local and international trade transactions. We have a monthly production capacity of 2400 pieces per month or more according to your request. With skilled and professional personnel we produce the best quality djembe drums

indonesia djembe exporter company sicash makmor

The countries we have served for export sales include Singapore, Vietnam, Chile and several other countries. We ship for either LCL or FCL quantities. Or if you want a sample of the product you want to send, we are ready to help you. Whether related to paperwork or shipping to your country.

indonesia djembe exporter company sicash makmor

Besides the djembe drums we provide other types of supporting musical instruments. Such as dun dun, sangban, kenkeni, bugaribu and various other types of musical instruments. If you are interested, you can contact us to get other information.

Best Djembe Wholesalers Manufacture Supplier Exporter You can choose for your Business in your country

Best Djembe Wholesalers Manufacture Supplier Exporter You can choose for your Business in your country

the need for trading sales of djembe musical instruments in wholesale is currently very much needed for traders. especially during a pandemic situation like this. why is this important? because it is a very promising market opportunity. when people work and study at home, they really need entertainment that can be played or practiced in their respective homes. One of the activities that can be done is to play a wooden musical instrument called the Djembe Drum. It is hoped that by playing this instrument it will increase the joy and enthusiasm in life so that it increases the immune power in the body and can form a good anti-body for the body and can ward off the corona virus. This is an opportunity that can be used by traders to buy drums djembe in wholesale quantities, so that they can supply the needs of drums djembe or wooden musical instruments in a country or in a region.

Best Djembe Wholesalers Manufacture Supplier Exporter You can choose for your Business in your country

anyone who is suitable and good with this djembe drum wholesale business business. that is suitable for this djembe drum wholesale business is you who are engaged in international trade or trading in your area. Especially those of you who can read the opportunities with the activities at home that are increasingly being carried out by families during this pandemic. besides that it is also suitable for those of you who are in a school environment starting at the elementary level, middle level, high level or at the college level. besides that, including those of you who play an important role in policy making in a company to plan the procurement of a djembe instrument at your place of work.

Best Djembe Wholesalers Manufacture Supplier Exporter You can choose for your Business in your country

why being a djembe drum wholesaler be an advantage for your company? by becoming a wholesaler of musical instruments drums djembe you will get a good profit for your company. This type of djembe drum instrument originating from Africa which originally only developed in Africa has now developed in various parts of the world. why do you take in our place or our company? because the products we produce are quality products that can be equated with the original djembe drums from Africa and at competitive prices with similar product quality. This is a big advantage that you can get by becoming a djembe drum wholesaler

Best Djembe Wholesalers Manufacture Supplier Exporter You can choose for your Business in your country

when our company was established and when you can make sales transactions with us. our company was founded in 2016 officially and registered with the local government. with the official business license will make it easier for you to carry out business transactions with our company. We serve sales for the local area and serve sales for export and are ready to make deliveries to various countries around the world. including purchases in a minimum quantity we will help to get to your house. and of course you can play with the djembe that we produce with pleasure. when is the right time to make transactions with us? the right time is right now you make transactions with our company, before you are preceded by other companies in your area

Best Djembe Wholesalers Manufacture Supplier Exporter You can choose for your Business in your country

where is the location of our company and our production site? Our company address and production site are in Indonesia, precisely in Blitar city, East Java province. We have a production capacity in one month and can produce between 2000 and 4000 djembe drums with adequate quality. with experience in our environment to work and innovate in the world of timber

Best Djembe Wholesalers Manufacture Supplier Exporter You can choose for your Business in your country

how to transact with our company? You can contact us via email or by telephone or the media that you have. we are ready to provide the assistance information you need for your company in the field of wholesale drums. we will provide a catalog offer for more details

djembe with rasta motif

There are various types of djembe drums that are favored by fans. one of the most trendy and popular among millennials is the jimbe drum model with a color or motif or modification with a rasta model. This modification of the Rasta model has various types of models. among others, the rasta variation model on the djembe drum body, with a predominance of yellow, green and red. variations can also be modeled by modifying the type of engraving with the rasta model and combining it with rasta colors.

Other forms of style can be modified from the loop or rope on the djembe drum by using a full rope in a rasta pattern and color. for example, the rope is red, the rope is green and the rope is yellow. by modifying the type of rope we can also vary the rasta model we want. Mass modify with loops on djembe bodies and various other types of models.

in this article, we will provide some examples of rasta drum models that can be used as references or options that you may have and are interested in.

djembe drums in red yellow green rasta color and modified with simple carvings with elephant motifs. is an example of a jimbe drum with a height of 50 cm and a diameter of 24 cm. membrane skin above using goat skin. and the rope is knitted using a pp rope or alpine rope. djembe drums of this size are suitable for beginners as well as for professional players. With a moderate height, this djembe drum can be played by all groups. both among children, among young people or among the elderly. why it can be played by all groups because for the heavy category it is not quite heavy and can be carried everywhere.

if you need a custom modification of your djembe drum, you can provide examples and designs that you are interested in and we will try to design a djembe according to what you want. for more information you can contact us via WhatsApp at +6281555699917 or via email us. we will help your needs to have and play djembe happily

Goat Skin, Cow Skin and Plastic Skin

what distinguishes between these types of membranes, in this post we will discuss one by one for those of you fans of djembe drums. Is there a difference in the type of sound, of course I am different from one another. is there a difference in the type of feeling when hitting yes, of course there is a difference. and finally, is there a difference in price, of course, there is a difference in the price of each item. Next we will discuss for you drum djembe mica membrane vs goat skin membrane vs cowhide membrane? if you are interested in listening, don’t forget to click like and subscribe to our blog so that you can get updates about various information you need.

The first we will discuss about the membrane of the djembe drum skin which comes from goat skin. There are two types of membranes made of goat skin. there are male goat skin membrane types and there are female goat skin membrane types. There are two types of goat skin in terms of processing. processing with pure white color so that the resulting color is white and secondly, processing goat skin with natural color or more often called processing goat skin with SN color. In terms of the physical characteristics of goat skin, there are two types of goat skin, namely clean goat skin without hair and the second is the type of goat skin using hair. variations of goat skin are categorized in terms of color, there are three kinds, namely white, goat skin with natural colors and goat skin with various colors, for example the color of black goat skin. in terms of thickness, there is a type of goat skin with a thick thickness and there is also a type of goat skin that is thin.

Cowhide, cowhide for djembe drums have many variations. for cowhide used for djembe drums, some have a thick thickness and some have a thin thickness. there are types of cowhide that are clean without hair and there are also types of cow skin with hair. for cow skin, in terms of sound and at the time of hitting, it feels very different when compared to goat skin

Mica skin membrane, mikan skin membrane is a synthetic membrane or djembe drum skin membrane which is derived from plastic. the difference in these membranes is in the thickness of the respective mica or plastic membranes. according to the size of the djembe drums made.

Work From Home With Djembe

Are you a WFH or work from home or more often you work at home because of the impact of the pandemic. Yes, until now we are still advised to always do WFH or work from inside the home because the impact of the corona virus pandemic has yet to end. With the proliferation of WFH, we are encouraged and expected to be maximal and productive at home and of course the value of productivity is not inferior when we work in the office.

What are the things we do to fill work from home (WFH) activities so that we can be more productive and of course there are many things that we produce from the work we do. one of which is that we are still standing and completing work related to office affairs. with office affairs we still complete, of course we are still worthy and trusted by our office and we are still paid.

Besides working optimally from our office work, we are also expected to have other activities which of course can lead us to positive activities and of course can make us happy and of course increase our immunity so that we can be healthy and avoid viruses.

one of the things we can do is exercise. Of course, this sport has a wide variety of variations, some are physical as normal sports and there are also sports that we combine with artistic activities. One thing we can do to fill work from home (WFH) activities is to play the djembe drum. By playing the djembe drum, we will carry out sports activities, namely by maximizing the movement of our hands to beat the djembe drum and of course there is a feeling of pleasure so that it can increase our immunity and immunity.

we can play the djembe drum game with our families, be it children, wives, or parents. so that when we play together it will generate new enthusiasm so that feelings of pleasure will arise from not closing the possibility of bringing up collective immunity so that we can avoid the corona virus.

to play the djembe drums of our family members, whether they can play it or not. Basically playing the djembe drum is everyone can do it and no special skills are needed to play it. You can listen and learn via YouTube so you can add to your game references. In the following, we show an example of the djembe drum game played by elementary school children.

djembe musical instrument comes from Africa info

The djembe instrument is a rhythmic instrument that can be played by people of all ages. The origin of the djembe instrument originally comes from Africa. developed throughout the world because of the ease in playing it and relatively easy in the manufacturing process. all countries are almost familiar with this type of djembe instrument. in its development, the djembe instrument originating from Africa has a wide variety of sizes. At the beginning of its development, this djembe drum was a djembe drum with a fairly large size and a fairly large diameter. for example the size of a djembe drum with a length of 60 cm and a diameter of 30 cm. or with a size that is longer or more in the upper diameter.

because there are many types of requests for adults and elderly children to play, this djembe musical instrument originating from Africa is finally modified with various sizes. Starting from the size of a djembe for souvenirs, a djembe with a standard size and a djembe with a professional size or a djembe size according to consumer demand. This size variation makes consumers have various choices in choosing which djembe drums are right and suitable to be played.

This djembe instrument from Africa has also developed in Indonesia with a new spelling that is different from the original. a better known name is the musical instrument Jimbe or the drum jimbe or the drum sentul. why is the mention different? because it is easier to spell and pronounce terms. so it’s easy to say with the term drum jimbe. So that the term that is better known in Indonesia is a musical instrument from Africa. This jimbe drum instrument has become popular so that it is used as a teaching aid in Indonesia. so that many schools are in extra activities or activities in music using djembe instruments from Africa for activities to add insight in playing music.

djembe musical instrument comes from Africa info

djembe musical instrument comes from africa info is not only developing in Indonesia, but in various regions has begun to be known throughout various countries. so when you play drums jimbe you can find this music game all over the world. You can find various tones that may be how to play them with various tones and various songs that can be combined with various types of other musical instruments.

custom djembe drum

custom djembe drum is ordering djembe drums according to consumer demand. our djembe sawokeling shop tries to help and serve your needs to get a custom djembe drum according to your request.

Why is the custom djembe drum in demand by fans of the jimbe drums? Djembe drum fans usually have various types of choices and the choice of jimbe drums to choose from is according to the tastes and interests that are liked by djembe drum fans. our djembe shop already has several designs that are trendy and in demand by the market. for example, the trend every month has a difference and changes. There are times when the favorite jimbe drum is a size for children or a small size between a souvenir djembe and a djembe drum with a size of 40 cm or for elementary or junior high school children. Sometimes the trend also changes. The favorite jimbe drums are the jimbe drums played by adults.

The comparison of the jimbe for children and the jimbe for adults actually lies in the weight and size. but if the position of the jimbe drum is not lifted, everyone can play it even though it is in a sitting position (the jimbe drum position is not lifted) everyone can play it. for lifting, the djembe drums are small and light in size and there are also djembe drums with medium or middle size. and there are also jimbe drums with sizes for adults or for professional jimbe drummers.

based on these categories people have different tastes from one person to another. departing from this we provide alternative djembe choices according to consumer tastes or custom djembe drums that can be selected and designed according to the desires of consumers. Design choices can be categorized in the following ways, including:

djembe body shape: body shape there is a standard model, there is a box model or there are other forms of models according to customer orders
color finishing options: color finishing options are usually also the taste of consumers want wood colors or custom colors according to consumer demand
type of carving, there are simple carvings and embossed carvings which are designs according to consumer demand
types of laces, there are types of shoelaces, alpin ropes and nylon taly. and the color is determined according to consumer demand and of course the availability of the rope
type of membrane, the selected membrane can use goat skin, or cowhide or mica membrane according to request

Balakulanya / Söli lente | djembe rhythm

Balakulanya is traditionally played at wedding parties, where is often speculated on the firtility of this marriage. Also the rhythm is played, like the Söli, at circumcision – ceremonies. Sometime continues all the three days before the ceremony. Some clame that the Sangban and Dun Dun roles as written below are actually switched (sound good also !). Two songs : 1: Aïti iwuliba Dembati iti wuliba söli bara se, Aïti iwuli ba, aïti iwuli ba söli bara se Get up, mothers of the children! ; the Söli is about to come. 2 : Balakulanya denkolide, aya yeye so dina, iba kemata yenkoleddinkolede kemata ye so dina solo : Kingfisher-bird, when will I have a child of my own? all : There is no way you can buy it