Balakulanya / Söli lente | djembe rhythm

Balakulanya is traditionally played at wedding parties, where is often speculated on the firtility of this marriage. Also the rhythm is played, like the Söli, at circumcision – ceremonies. Sometime continues all the three days before the ceremony. Some clame that the Sangban and Dun Dun roles as written below are actually switched (sound good also !). Two songs : 1: Aïti iwuliba Dembati iti wuliba söli bara se, Aïti iwuli ba, aïti iwuli ba söli bara se Get up, mothers of the children! ; the Söli is about to come. 2 : Balakulanya denkolide, aya yeye so dina, iba kemata yenkoleddinkolede kemata ye so dina solo : Kingfisher-bird, when will I have a child of my own? all : There is no way you can buy it

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