djembe with rasta motif

There are various types of djembe drums that are favored by fans. one of the most trendy and popular among millennials is the jimbe drum model with a color or motif or modification with a rasta model. This modification of the Rasta model has various types of models. among others, the rasta variation model on the djembe drum body, with a predominance of yellow, green and red. variations can also be modeled by modifying the type of engraving with the rasta model and combining it with rasta colors.

Other forms of style can be modified from the loop or rope on the djembe drum by using a full rope in a rasta pattern and color. for example, the rope is red, the rope is green and the rope is yellow. by modifying the type of rope we can also vary the rasta model we want. Mass modify with loops on djembe bodies and various other types of models.

in this article, we will provide some examples of rasta drum models that can be used as references or options that you may have and are interested in.

djembe drums in red yellow green rasta color and modified with simple carvings with elephant motifs. is an example of a jimbe drum with a height of 50 cm and a diameter of 24 cm. membrane skin above using goat skin. and the rope is knitted using a pp rope or alpine rope. djembe drums of this size are suitable for beginners as well as for professional players. With a moderate height, this djembe drum can be played by all groups. both among children, among young people or among the elderly. why it can be played by all groups because for the heavy category it is not quite heavy and can be carried everywhere.

if you need a custom modification of your djembe drum, you can provide examples and designs that you are interested in and we will try to design a djembe according to what you want. for more information you can contact us via WhatsApp at +6281555699917 or via email us. we will help your needs to have and play djembe happily

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