Goat Skin, Cow Skin and Plastic Skin

what distinguishes between these types of membranes, in this post we will discuss one by one for those of you fans of djembe drums. Is there a difference in the type of sound, of course I am different from one another. is there a difference in the type of feeling when hitting yes, of course there is a difference. and finally, is there a difference in price, of course, there is a difference in the price of each item. Next we will discuss for you drum djembe mica membrane vs goat skin membrane vs cowhide membrane? if you are interested in listening, don’t forget to click like and subscribe to our blog so that you can get updates about various information you need.

The first we will discuss about the membrane of the djembe drum skin which comes from goat skin. There are two types of membranes made of goat skin. there are male goat skin membrane types and there are female goat skin membrane types. There are two types of goat skin in terms of processing. processing with pure white color so that the resulting color is white and secondly, processing goat skin with natural color or more often called processing goat skin with SN color. In terms of the physical characteristics of goat skin, there are two types of goat skin, namely clean goat skin without hair and the second is the type of goat skin using hair. variations of goat skin are categorized in terms of color, there are three kinds, namely white, goat skin with natural colors and goat skin with various colors, for example the color of black goat skin. in terms of thickness, there is a type of goat skin with a thick thickness and there is also a type of goat skin that is thin.

Cowhide, cowhide for djembe drums have many variations. for cowhide used for djembe drums, some have a thick thickness and some have a thin thickness. there are types of cowhide that are clean without hair and there are also types of cow skin with hair. for cow skin, in terms of sound and at the time of hitting, it feels very different when compared to goat skin

Mica skin membrane, mikan skin membrane is a synthetic membrane or djembe drum skin membrane which is derived from plastic. the difference in these membranes is in the thickness of the respective mica or plastic membranes. according to the size of the djembe drums made.

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